LTTA – Portugal, Lisbon

March 20th to 23rd, 2018

Visiting Lisbon

The LTTA–C1, Short-term joint staff training, part of SNIDeR, Erasmus+ project was held in Lisbon, from 20 to 22 Mars 2018. This event brought together representative participants from all partner institutions involved in this strategic partnership.

The Short-term joint staff training took place over three days and consisted of the working sessions included the official opening with an ice break activity and welcome coffee, learning sessions combined with team building activities, a school visit and the closing with a coordinators meeting.

Official training for teachers in inclusive education, inquiring teaching strategies, ICT tools, PLE, e-portfolios and LMS. The training consisted of 18 teaching hours of lectures, workgroups, participants’ presentations and a school visit.

Session #1: e-Portfolios and Personal Learning Environment

Session #2: Special Needs – Strategies for teachers

Session #3 and #4: Creativity and Learning

Session #5: From teachers to facilitators and moderators of a student-centered learning process – Course platform – moodle – How to work with

Session #6: Assessment by Rubrics

Session #7: ICT – Tools for inclusion