LTTA – Romania, Bucarest

May 11th to 15th, 2020


Learning Teaching and Training Activities in Romania should be a Short-term exchange of groups of pupils + Accompanying staff that should happened in Liceul Tehnologic “Sfantul Pantelimon”, Bucharest , Romania from May  11th to 15th 2020, under the Erasmus+ programme.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic the mobility activity planned to Bucharest, Romania was negatively affected and it could not take place. 

During mobility in Romania, students from partner schools should get involved in learning inclusive classrooms to make PLE, actively participate in class strategies  and in school life, focusing in inclusion of special need students, they will participate in family life and feel the touch of culture.

So, we decided not to give up mobility and transfer it here

Students from each partner country builded this ePortfolio as a Personal learning Environment – PLE where they shared their experiences during the Pandemic.

  • Romanian team will share an online trip through Romania and Bucharest, favourite story/event from Romania history and describe some tradition/ritual from their country they like the most
  • Some posts will be publish about what COVID-19 health crisis taught us on ecology and health, modern lifestyle and technology, empathy and living/working with each other at home
  • Discuss what we learned about handling and living with vulnerable groups in the crisis
  • Discuss how will this impact students’ further attitude towards colleagues with special needs
  • Teachers and students could share and comment how their school and country handled providing education during the crisis and share list of tools they used for conducting their classes online
  • Students write down their suggestion for better remote teaching or their idea on how perfect online class should look and which tools would they use