The objectives of this project are:

  • Increase school success in integration of students with special needs in regular classroom
  • Promote interaction between students with and without disabilities and teachers who act as role models for social, behavioral and learning skills
  • Increase level of digital competence for teachers and students
  • Reduce the weight of student backpacks by creating digital resouces for learning
  • Increase awareness to the sustainability of the planet by dropping paper
  • Increase competence in communicate on foreign languages
  • Increase teacher’s professional competencies
  • Increase the use of LMS – Learning Management Systems (Moodle Platform) on education
  • Increase the use of PLE – Personal Learning Environment on education
  • Increase the use of e-Portfolios on education

This project has to be transnational because is our aim to achieve in a transversal way:

  • Cooperate with Europeans partner schools in order to learn about innovate ways of teaching and learning for students with and without Special Needs Education using ICT, sharing ideas, experiences and reinforce notions;
  • Integration education and equality of opportunities in a European level;
  • Increase the quality of inclusion in European classrooms.