LTTA – Poland, Kraców

May 13th – 17th, 2019

Visiting Krakow

​The Short-term exchange of groups of pupils and Accompanying staff – school in POLAND (C5) is focusing in applying learning profiles and inclusive environment for improve academic achievement, behaviour and attendance in ICT inclusive classroom where students will meet other students and exchange experiences in inclusive ICT classrooms. 
We will do a workshop on the identification of the learning profiles for the students involved in the meeting. After this we will separate the big group in several small international groups for learning activities propose and to build the PLE – e-portfolio strategy as a way to build up knowledge and competences in regular classroom for all students. 
During this meeting, partner students will work together to create learning profile for inclusive education through PLE and e-portfolios. 
During the meeting, Poland will share innovative methodologies to teach and assess, and adapt spaces for inclusive education in regular classrooms, because the school has eliminated all architectural barriers for the disabled and has experience on adapting the curricular requirements to the capabilities and needs of all pupils in order for each student to achieve success. The students’ success is evaluated accordingly to their personal intellectual and psycho-physical abilities. The participants will experience a pupil-friendly environment, a right pedagogical atmosphere for integration of disabled pupils with their peers, and a comprehensive development of children to their maximal intellectual and mental capabilities. Teachers will see how the colaboration with the Pedagogical University, Jagiellonian University and University of Physical Education works for the training in special needs strategies.
The students will actively participate in classes and in school life, focusing in applying inquiry methodology and ICT tools as a strategy for inclusion, participate in family life and feel the touch of culture.