LTTA – Lisbon, Portugal – Training Dissemination

In Bulgaria

A Teachers Training seminar took place at our school. The seminar was given by Mrs Tsveta Vladimirova, the contact person of the SNIDeR project for Bulgaria. Our teachers were informed about the topics and activities of the project. They were taught how to use  Moodle platform and how to create a e-portfolio.

In Croatia

Report on school website about LTTA in Portugal (March 28th, 2018), reach 50 people. Staff meeting presentation about LTTA in Lisbon for an hour (March 29th, 2018) with 15 participantes. Blog post on this meeting shared via Facebook (May 1st, 2018), reach 150 people.

In Poland

Workshop for students from our school (April 9th, 2018, 2h), 12 participants. Workshop for teachers from Polish school (April 24th, 2018) – Teachers training in E-portfolios a tool for special needs students in an inclusive classroom – 8 participants.

In Portugal

Workshop for all the special needs teachers of our group of schools (May 16th, 2018, 4h), 12 participants. Workshop for special needs students with individualised specific curriculum (May 21st, 2018, 4h), 3 teachers and 6 special needs students participants.

Teachers training in E-portfolios a tool for special needs students in an inclusive classroom  – this training is accredited by the Portuguese Teacher Training System, CCPFC/ACC – 100820/18, a protocol with the teacher training center of Loures Oriental

Class 1: Set 10th to Set 17th, 2018 Teachers training (12h), number of participants: 18 Evaluation Survey Results

Class 2: Set 11th to Oct 9th 2018 Teachers training (12h), number of participants: 20 Evaluation Survey Results

Class 3: Jan 9th 2019 to Feb 20th 2019 Teachers training (12h), number of participants: 23 Evaluation Survey Results

Class 4: Nov 25th 2019 to Dez 2sd 2019 Teachers training (12h), number of participants: 16 Evaluation Survey Results

Class 5: Feb 4th 2020 to Feb 19th 2020 Teachers training (12h), number of participants: 18 Evaluation Survey Results

In Romania

Math demonstrative lesson using non-formal tools learnt in Portugal, participants: 21 students and 4 teachers. History demonstrative lesson using e-portfolios as a tool for assessing the students, participants: 21 students and 7 teachers. Disssemination presentation on C1 in the assembly of the Teachers’ Council, participants: 38 teachers.