LTTA – Bulgaria, Sofia

October 21st to 25th, 2019

Visiting Sofia

During this meeting, partner students worked together in inclusive a classroom, actively participate in activities, focusing in improve motivation, attitudes, behaviour and attendance under the theme SNIDeR – We can do better. The main goal of this mobility was for partners students to work together in learning how to cooperate in inclusive classrooms, how to make e-portfolio – PLE and how to actively participate in class strategies and in school life. The focus was inclusion of special need students – 3 autistic students participated. Students participation mobility allowed them to have a touch of European culture.
The main topics and lessons of this LTTA were:

  • how to make e-portfolios and Personal Learning Environment
  • using ICT tools for greater inclusion
  • how to work in an inclusive classroom in Biology lessons
  • getting to know culture, architecture, heritage and art of Bulgaria, mainly city of Sofia and city of Sandanski with visit to Rozhen and Rila monestaries and town of Melnik
  • making connections and interacting positively with students from other European countries thus fostering networking, cooperation and increasing English language competences
  • learning about special learning and behavioural difficulties such as ADHD, dyslexia, autism, …
  • presenting final products of the student exchange (portfolios, films, presentations, …)